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Every piece you see on this website is handmade by me in a cozy basement studio in Oakland, California. The majority of the stones featured in my shop come directly from family-run mines, individual lapidary artists, stone cutters or old stock. Whenever possible, I strive to source stones from traceable origins, prioritizing suppliers who can provide information on the journey from mining to market. 

Additionally, I use recycled silver and gold for the majority of my jewelry, though certain pieces - such as casting pieces and findings - are not always made from recycled materials in order to ensure high quality.

I'm originally from a snowy part of Japan and now live in sunny California with my husband and four cats. In recent years, my inspiration has been shifting from the reflection of what I see to what I feel. I focus on bringing out the beauty of each stones. When I find something beautiful, whether it's a stone or a ray of sunlight, I'm filled with joy. I hope my pieces inspire the same in those who discover them.

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